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Numerous Firefox Issues


Repository display: Layout is missing, Repository entries misaligned with background, Display Options should be displayed below the search textbox - this is distorted (Displayed after the save query button in same line), Search in Review literature - Nothing is displayed, General Layout -Distorted, Saved Queries  is not  displayed as expected, On "Documents For Dissemination" webpart the modify web part is working in different manner, References Table display is not correct, When alert me is clicked on the file it is displaying an error Calendar functionality Expand All and Collapse all are not working, Experimentation tasks in Experimentation - Assign to is not working, Repository When  repository is clicked the sublinks are displayed out of range, Your Logo, Functionality not known. Presently it is diverting to the Team site home page, Project Library in Repository. When Annotate is clicked in project library it is showing an error, New post in Discussions. Without posting any post when we click the post button the error message is displaying the whole page.