RIC Development Community

Apr 19, 2010 at 4:36 PM


I'm David Michael and am responsible for delivering the RIC at the British Library.

I'm creating a development community for RIC V1.0 to prevent duplicated effort on bug fixes and to see how features can be developed quickly by utilizing the expertise of the technical resources working on separate RIC solutions. I am also keen to see the RIC evolve by sharing code with other institutions who are taking forward the RIC. I will be ensuring that Microsoft is appraised of community developments whilst they focus on other RIC feature development for the V1.1 release.

I have already uploaded a patch of bug fixes and features that has been developed by our technical development partners Idea Entity for the RIC at the British Library, which can be downloaded in the patches section.

Please contact david.michael@bl.uk if you are working on a RIC deployment and are interested in joining the community.